Long time no see.

I've been to Southamerica. I've been in Stockholm over the holydays. Now, Im back.
Reality comes rushing in to my everydaylife.

Let's see if I can write a journal again!

This is me the last couple of months!

The roof of my building in Chile.

A hot day in Buenos Aires.

A rave deep in the woods.

A costume party a day in december.

Friends for life.

Hanging out with the cool kids in Argentina.

Playing beachtenis a saturday afternoon.

Then... I came home to an icecold Sweden.

I drank champagne and partied with friends.

We danced all night.

Lips and kisses in the dark.

We listened to old hits.

And drank some more passiondrinks...

Yesterday in my bestfriends bed..

And now. I'm only missing you....

My secret crush. Although he knows it!


Postat av: EGOFLOW

Men hallå så skoj att du är tillbaka! Vad har du pysslar med i Argentina!? Jag börjar längta lite för mkt till sommaren för att det gråa stockholmsvädret ska vara ok...

2009-01-31 @ 16:48:40
URL: http://egoflow.blogg.se/
Postat av: nathalie

såg ju inte helt fel ut din lilla tripp!!

2009-02-01 @ 20:42:21
URL: http://ruddy.blogg.se/

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